Katherine Berchtold October 11 2018

Thanks for the message Kerryn.

Your clothes are so gorgeous and my son is so comfortable in them, I can’t help but buy more! And it doesn’t hurt that my husband thinks they are super cute too. 😉

Although we don't get as humid up here as you guys do at the coast, it does still get hot and I haven’t found anything close to the lightness, breathability and overall comfort of your clothes for my baby.

I also know another mommy in my breastfeeding group who swears by your clothes for her little boy - so your fan base is definitely growing up here.

I also really appreciate that you dispatch the orders so promptly and that it was such a breeze to exchange the sizes.

So thank you for all these things and I look forward to dressing my little man in your clothes for a long time 😊.

All the best,