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Kapas Baby - Winter Woolies

We know this may be a little premature, talking about winter but we like to get organised and as you know, when it comes to babies, it takes all but a week to notice a massive change in growth and development. Suddenly your little one no longer fits in to their current clothing and you are scrambling to buy the bigger sizes for winter.

We have a few Winter Tips for moms all over South Africa that will help you get geared up for the coming season:

  • Layer-up on cotton clothing at night time to keep your little one warm but comfortable. Fleece works in the day but at night, sleeping in fleece may cause your baby to over heat.
  • Buy yourself a handy flask to top bottles up with warm water, heat breastmilk or mix formula.
  • Hot water bottles are amazing comforters for older kids (over 2 years) and do the trick for soothing before bed.
  • Pack extra socks, beanies and shoes in your nappy bag. Kids seem to be drawn to puddles, dirt and dew in the morning and this way you can let them explore and then ‘wrap them up’ straight after.
  • A great way to hide those veggies that your babies aren’t wild about … soup. For your babies that have just started on solids, just make sure you blend the veggies up.
  • Probiotics are a fantastic little immune booster when the winter bug bites or a cold sets in.

On that note, you must watch this space for our Winter Collection 2017 which we will be launching in March. A gorgeous range of winter woolies for your little ones including a Tracksuit Bunny Onesie, Full Footed Babygrows and more.

As promised, a few weeks ago, we are launching our product specials to our loyal blog readers. While we are in the winter spirit, we would like to offer you 15% OFF the following outfits:

Kapas Baby - Winter Specials 1

Baby girl wears our Long Sleeve T-Shirt in Coral and Milk with our Skinny Tracksuit Pants in Navy. 

Baby boy wears out Long Sleeve T-Shirt with pocket in Navy & White Stripe with our Skinny Tracksuit Pants in Navy. 

To get your 15% off these items, please click here to purchase and use WINTERSPECIAL1 as your discount code on checkout. 

T&C's apply. While stocks last.

Kapas Baby Babies in Cotton