Whoever the captain of your ship may be, we salute you! June 13 2017, 0 Comments

Kapas Baby | Happy Fathers Day

The Kapas Baby team do something a little different around Father’s Day. Although we definitely love to celebrate the dads and all that they do for our families and little people, we like to acknowledge the rest of the team too.

We think about all the moms out there who don’t necessarily have a wingman to rely on and so for this reason we prefer not to box up a day to single out one parent, but rather use those days to salute the captain of your ship.

Parenting comes with many a thunderstorm, and the urge to want to jump ship, every so often, does wash over us. However, the significant moments that we witness in their little lives really do seem to make the ‘vysbyt’ worth all the sacrifices you have made to date.  

On the Youth Day front, as your baby becomes a toddler and then a little ‘mini you’, you think about how much that tiny brain has absorbed and how incredible the human mind and body is. You also think back to the moments when other parents used to say to you “enjoy this, they grow so fast”. And before you know it, the cliché has hit you like a tsunami and you are marking down the celebration of yet another Mother’s or Father’s Day.

Being a mom/dad is a spectacular journey and rowing the parenting boat definitely does get easier, so take some time this weekend, to really soak up the sun with your little ones. Make the most of their little characters and have a good laugh at the personality traits that are now starting to shine through from your side of the family. Before you know it, they will be rowing their own boats!

So to all the captains (moms and dads) revel in your parenting successes of your little people on Friday and of course … Happy Father’s Day for Sunday!

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