V-Day is D-Day to "take a little time off"! February 08 2017, 0 Comments

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With having children, comes the inevitable strain on your partnerships, friendships and/or yourself. Time with your partner, or time for yourself, takes the proverbial ‘back seat’ and it isn’t an intentional decision that you make as a mother but as your baby grows, your plate gets fuller and fuller. Growing babies bring more activities to squash into an already ‘jam-packed day’, less time to focus on yourself and definitely a smidgen of time left for a third party. So we have a tiny, and achievable, suggestion this Valentine’s Day that you may want to love or lump but here goes anyway.

V-Day is D-Day to “Take a little time off”; an hour’s pampering, a dinner date with your partner, finish the odd creative project you have been holding off on, or catch up with a friend. We have one rule – no babies. Take a little time out and do something completely independent from your role as a mother.

Dig deep and muster up some energy to surprise your partner for a date; dress up, take 5 extra minutes to put on some make-up and let your hair down (literally or figuratively) because we know how much you and your partner need/s it. Not in a relationship? In the name of love, don’t let that detract from your V-Day mission. Take a friend, that has been hanging in the wings for a little quality time with you, on a coffee date, or another mom-friend, who has been dreaming of an hour’s pampering, to have a mani or pedi. If the thought of going out just seems like another chore, knuckle down into that unattended, abandoned project that you have been putting off for months, dare we say years, because it is so far down the list you can hardly remember the date you started it.

We know you tick one of the boxes above so here it is…

We encourage… not instruct, you to take a little time off this V-Day! Pick a baby-free activity, pen it in to the diary and whatever you do, don’t stand your plan up! You will look back on this Valentine’s day with a sense of renewed self and, while we aim to avoid cliché, we impart Lucille Ball’s fine, Valentine’s Day-inspired words “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line”. 

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