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The only thing that is constant is change! April 25 2017, 0 Comments

Kapas Baby | Change Blog Post

“The only thing that is constant is change.” - Heraclitus

It is amazing how fearful we are of change; as business women, mothers and wives. We spend our days trying to routine our babies, organise our home lives and map out our futures. Not to say this is a bad way of living because when you are a mother it is so important to have the routine, but what we don’t factor in to this, and what really upsets the apple cart, is change. 

Change looms around every milestone; your baby grows, starts on solids, you see massive developmental changes in their abilities and understanding of the world and of course, they start to become their own little person. Slowly as your child grows and changes so does your confidence as a parent and, your ability to take on the changes gets easier and easier. 

While the change in things like sleeping patterns isn’t something to celebrate, we like to think that the sacrifices you make now to keep your baby happy, healthy and protected is contributing to all our lives. In amongst your children, you are raising doctors and leaders, teachers and scientists and even more importantly, better generations of mothers and fathers that will change the way our societies function, for the better, in the future. 

On the mother-front, change often opens up an opportunity for other people to have their say and pass their opinions but at the end of the day the decisions you make are always in the best interest of your child and it is difficult to fault you on that. Embracing the change makes you a more flexible mother and it is definitely a life skill you start to then teach your child from an early age. 

On a smaller scale, Kapas Baby recently embraced such a positive change. We revamped our logo and look, updated our website and increased our variety of premium brands and great quality baby clothing. As our business grows, we are focused on updating and evolving our online store to ensure a brilliant customer service.

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Kapas Baby | Maternity Wear

Kapas Baby | Maternity Wear

Kapas Baby | Maternity Wear

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Have an incredibly positive week as we close off April and welcome in the changes that May brings. 

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