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Blanket Donations: Ballito Clinic 16th May 2019 July 26 2019, 247 Comments

With a focus on giving back to our community and helping those who are in need we made 200 baby blankets out of all the excess 100% cotton fabric that we had left over from previous collections. 

The first project that we joined were the ladies from Grace Church who gather donations from their community and put together baby bags filled with all the necessities a mother needs for her newborn. Once a month, these amazing ladies visit the Ballito Clinic Ante Natal ward and hand over these bags full of goodies to the pregnant woman who are there waiting to see the nurse. The bags consists of wipes, nappies, baby clothing, a toy, a blanket and more.

Kapas | Blanket donations

The surprise and pure joy on the faces of these pregnant woman when we handed over the goodie bags was indescribable. They were so grateful and appreciative of what we were able to give them as they prepare to welcome their new babies into this world. 

Kapas | Blanket donations

I was also able to give this wonderful woman, Dudu, some blankets for her creche in Nkabonga called Intando Kazi where she looks after 72 babies and children with only 3 ladies to help her.

Kapas | Blanket donations

It is truly amazing to see the wonderful work these dedicated woman are doing, we are so excited to get involved with more community projects like this.

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