Medicine box must-haves! July 02 2018, 25 Comments

Kapas | Medicine box must haves

It seems to be a rule of nature that children get sick outside of pharmacy hours. It can be anything from a sore tummy to a scraped knee but once it happens you are always grateful if you have the right things to stop the tears and help everyone to get some sleep again!

Here are a few ideas of things to keep stocked in your medicine box, obviously these are only suggestions and this blog serves in no way as medical advice especially for more serious sicknesses. This is more of a guide of things you can buy so that you can be prepared next time your child is in discomfort so that you don’t find yourself Googling 24 Hour Pharmacies at 11pm on a Saturday night.

  • A standard first aid kit. You can buy these in various forms from anywhere like Clicks or Dischem but the good thing about them is that they equip you with the basics to deal with things like cuts, scrapes and burns. Have a good look through the contents so that you know what you have and remember to have a peek every few months to make sure that you replace anything that’s been used.
  • A good thermometer, preferably with an electronic reading. There is not much that is as scary as a small person with a very high temperature and you need to make sure that when it strikes you can monitor it properly so you know when you need to take them to a hospital.
  • A medicine dispenser. A child wriggling in pain is not easy to coax into taking medicine and you don’t want to battle scooping spoonfuls all over their unhappy little face. There are various forms of dispensers from dummies to syringes, have a look a look at what would suit your child best based on their age and habits.
  • Something for sore tummies. A little person with an upset stomach is not a happy little person so make sure to have a few remedies at your fingertips. Buscopan is a good one as well as (???)
  • Something for pain/temperature. There is a lot that can be said for pain relief, especially for someone who is small and doesn’t understand why they feel so terrible. So make sure you have a good pain killing option in your arsenal such as Calpol or Panado (???). There are also good suppositories which can act faster than oral medicines.
  • Something for soothing the skin. Playing outside is wonderful but remember to protect those soft little skins while they’re out there. Anything from insect bites to sunburns can cause a lot of discomfort so make sure you have something to help soothe the burn. Whether it’s an antihistamine like Anthesan or a calming aloe-vera gel, sometimes the very act of some TLC from mum or dad already helps the itchiness go away.
  • Plasters. You will be amazed at how many things can be fixed by a plaster – and not just cuts and scrapes. From a bruised toe to a bruised ego, small people love the special treatment of these sticky problem solvers. In fact we would advise carrying a pack in your nappy bag/hand bag as well for whenever small disasters strike. Just remember not to leave them lying around otherwise they will certainly all be opened and stuck around your house…

So there you go, this is just a basic guide so if there is more you need to stock up on then go ahead. Just remember to check dosages and expiry dates on medicine and most importantly, keep it all out of reach of little fingers.

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