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Blanket Donations: Ballito Clinic 16th May 2019 July 26 2019, 247 Comments

With a focus on giving back to our community and helping those who are in need we made 200 baby blankets out of all the excess 100% cotton fabric that we had left over from previous collections. 

The first project that we joined were the ladies from Grace Church who gather donations from their community and put together baby bags filled with all the necessities a mother needs for her newborn. Once a month, these amazing ladies visit the Ballito Clinic Ante Natal ward and hand over these bags full of goodies to the pregnant woman who are there waiting to see the nurse. The bags consists of wipes, nappies, baby clothing, a toy, a blanket and more.

Kapas | Blanket donations

The surprise and pure joy on the faces of these pregnant woman when we handed over the goodie bags was indescribable. They were so grateful and appreciative of what we were able to give them as they prepare to welcome their new babies into this world. 

Kapas | Blanket donations

I was also able to give this wonderful woman, Dudu, some blankets for her creche in Nkabonga called Intando Kazi where she looks after 72 babies and children with only 3 ladies to help her.

Kapas | Blanket donations

It is truly amazing to see the wonderful work these dedicated woman are doing, we are so excited to get involved with more community projects like this.

Kapas #forlittlepeople

October is Down Syndrome Awareness month! October 01 2018, 181 Comments

We recently collaborated with Jess Roberts from Learning from Luke, on a campaign she is driving for Down Syndrome Awareness - Jess has the cutest little son called Luke who has Down Syndrome. Please read this enlightening and incredible story below as Jess shares she journey with us, enjoy!

Kapas | Down Syndrome Awareness

If there is one sentence that we as first-time parents never in our wildest dreams expected to hear it was “Your child has 99% chance that he will be born with Down Syndrome”.

I had never even met a person born with Down Syndrome and our entire world was turned upside down and inside out with the utterance of these words from the neonatal specialist.

Jon and I knew however once these words had been said that we would be keeping our child. Call it gut intuition, call it a leap of faith, or call it a feeling of deep and profound love and connection towards our unborn first child, but we knew that he was ours and we knew that he would be life changing.

We vowed that we would do all that we could to ensure that our child was welcomed with open arms into this often hostile and scary world. We vowed that we would do every last thing that we could to show him each and every day how wanted he was and how we chose him to be ours. We pledged that we would do everything in our power to showcase to our family, to our friends, to our community and ultimately to the world the beauty, joy and light of our son. We wanted to educate, we wanted to create awareness and we wanted to shout from the rooftops the love that we felt for our son.

Two and a half years on and this is still our pledge.

When Luke was born I started a blog and an Instagram page to deal in a selfish way with a myriad of emotions that I felt and was attempting to process. Looking back I would never have believed that that little blog would have had over 30 000 views and our Instagram page @learningfromluke would have over 5000 followers.

It fills my heart with an incredible amount of joy to know that we have reached, educated and touched that many lives, and that we do so on a daily basis. It is only through the exposure, through the education and through the awareness of our beautiful children that the world will ultimately become a kinder, more inclusive and more aware place, and this has been our ultimate goal.

Down Syndrome Awareness

October which is Down Syndrome Awareness Month holds an incredible amount of importance for us and this year I wanted to do something meaningful and close to my heart.

Luke has been a brand ambassador for a number of local brands, and having been in the fashion industry for the past nine and a half years, clothing has always been a big part of my life.

My dream for Down Syndrome Awareness Month 2018 was to showcase beautiful local brands, modelled by beautiful local children born with Down Syndrome, shot in a beautiful local location and by one of the best local photographers.

On the 26thof August on the North Coast of KZN this dream came to life and the #JUSTLIKEUSKIDS campaign was born. 8 families, all with children born with Down Syndrome came together, dressed in their respective local brands and the resulting pictures taken by the talented Derryn Schmidt were nothing but pure, pure magic. Derryn so accurately captured the pure love, the pure joy and the pure light that our kids exude.

Down Syndrome Awareness

The idea behind the #JUSTLIKEUSKIDS campaign is that our children born with Down Syndrome can be anything and do anything that they put their minds to. They can be brand ambassadors, they can be models, they can be trendsetters – they can be anything that you and I dream of and more. Our children are not defined by their diagnosis and they are more alike you and I than different.  

My dream with the #JUSTLIKEUSKIDS is to start a movement. A movement whereby us as a family, us as a community, us as a nation and indeed us as global citizens stand up, with a collective voice and say YES. YES to kindness, YES to inclusivity, to awareness, to love. YES to not only embracing differences but to celebrating them. YES to dreams, dreams so big that they scare the hell out of us. YES to the future and YES to our children being able to be whatever they want to be.
Thank you to Kerryn and KAPAS for so readily jumping at the chance to be involved in my dream. You went above and beyond. Thank you for embracing this movement and for being part of the change that we want to see in the world.
xxx Jess

Down Syndrome Awareness

Medicine box must-haves! July 02 2018, 25 Comments

Kapas | Medicine box must haves

It seems to be a rule of nature that children get sick outside of pharmacy hours. It can be anything from a sore tummy to a scraped knee but once it happens you are always grateful if you have the right things to stop the tears and help everyone to get some sleep again!

Here are a few ideas of things to keep stocked in your medicine box, obviously these are only suggestions and this blog serves in no way as medical advice especially for more serious sicknesses. This is more of a guide of things you can buy so that you can be prepared next time your child is in discomfort so that you don’t find yourself Googling 24 Hour Pharmacies at 11pm on a Saturday night.

  • A standard first aid kit. You can buy these in various forms from anywhere like Clicks or Dischem but the good thing about them is that they equip you with the basics to deal with things like cuts, scrapes and burns. Have a good look through the contents so that you know what you have and remember to have a peek every few months to make sure that you replace anything that’s been used.
  • A good thermometer, preferably with an electronic reading. There is not much that is as scary as a small person with a very high temperature and you need to make sure that when it strikes you can monitor it properly so you know when you need to take them to a hospital.
  • A medicine dispenser. A child wriggling in pain is not easy to coax into taking medicine and you don’t want to battle scooping spoonfuls all over their unhappy little face. There are various forms of dispensers from dummies to syringes, have a look a look at what would suit your child best based on their age and habits.
  • Something for sore tummies. A little person with an upset stomach is not a happy little person so make sure to have a few remedies at your fingertips. Buscopan is a good one as well as (???)
  • Something for pain/temperature. There is a lot that can be said for pain relief, especially for someone who is small and doesn’t understand why they feel so terrible. So make sure you have a good pain killing option in your arsenal such as Calpol or Panado (???). There are also good suppositories which can act faster than oral medicines.
  • Something for soothing the skin. Playing outside is wonderful but remember to protect those soft little skins while they’re out there. Anything from insect bites to sunburns can cause a lot of discomfort so make sure you have something to help soothe the burn. Whether it’s an antihistamine like Anthesan or a calming aloe-vera gel, sometimes the very act of some TLC from mum or dad already helps the itchiness go away.
  • Plasters. You will be amazed at how many things can be fixed by a plaster – and not just cuts and scrapes. From a bruised toe to a bruised ego, small people love the special treatment of these sticky problem solvers. In fact we would advise carrying a pack in your nappy bag/hand bag as well for whenever small disasters strike. Just remember not to leave them lying around otherwise they will certainly all be opened and stuck around your house…

So there you go, this is just a basic guide so if there is more you need to stock up on then go ahead. Just remember to check dosages and expiry dates on medicine and most importantly, keep it all out of reach of little fingers.

Kapas Baby #forlittlepeople

100% cotton clothing - Protecting your baby's sensitive skin May 02 2018, 0 Comments

We would like to introduce Zeenah from Mother of 7

Zeenah is a mommy blogger from Cape Town and her hands are full as she is a mother to twin boys in heaven, a 17 year old teenager, a 13 year old tween, a 1 year old cutie and has another set of twins on the way!

Kapas is a unique, locally made, 100% cotton baby clothing brand for little people from birth to 24 months, they also stock maternity wear, nappy bags and Thule strollers.

When I was pregnant with Zaeem, I was concerned about him inheriting sensitive skin or eczema from his dad, and of course, this is now my concern with my twins on the way too.
People who suffer from eczema know the annoyance and irritation that comes with the inflammation, itching and embarrassment that comes along with it.  So imagine the thought of having a little baby with eczema.
Did you know that not wearing 100% cotton can elevate an excema flare-up or irriate already inflamed or sensitive skin?
I was so excited when I heard about Kapas 100% cotton baby clothing.  Not only are these clothing items stylish, and protective of your baby's skin, their designs and quality are of an international standard.  Definitely a thumbs-up for me.
Why is cotton better for babies?
Cotton is a natural fiber which makes it less toxic compared with other synthetic fiber. Comfort is an inherent characteristic of clothing made from 100% cotton.  It is weather resistant yet provides breathability between clothes and the skin.  It is an all-weather or all seasons textile as cotton made clothing can resist varying types of temperature. It is ideal to wear for the summer’s heat but can also provide insulation during winter.  This is due to the fact that cotton traps the air in between fibers of the fabric.  In addition, cotton material will not stick onto your baby’s skin; thus, sufficiently insulating your little baby’s body.
Kapas seasonal collections are ever changing, providing trending styles for your little one.  The perfect fabric for our Cape Town babies,  as we sometimes experience 4 seasons in one day ;).
Are cotton clothing hypo-allergenic?
Yes, cotton made clothing are hypo-allergenic.  It is a known fact that cotton textile do not or rarely causes allergic issues or reaction. In fact, most dermatologists recommend wearing this kind of fabric in order to ward off skin allergies. Cotton does not irritate the skin; that is the reason why it is one of the usual major ingredients in medical products like gauze and bandages. KAPAS baby clothing are made of 100% cotton, protecting your baby’s sensitive skin.
How durable is cotton clothing?
Cotton fabric is considered as one of the most durable fabrics.  It doesn’t tear easily and can withstand the strongest washing machine power or even frequent hand washing. There’s no need to wash it for an extended period too, wasting so much time, power, detergent and water of course.   With that said, it is safe to say that purchasing cotton baby clothing from KAPAS is a good investments because of their inherent durability and advantages in protecting your baby’s sensitive skin.

Planning a baby shower?
Kapas has an online gift registry to gather the perfect baby shower wish list by simply following 3 easy steps:
Click to create your Baby Gift Registry.
Browse Kapas products and add your favourites by clicking ‘Add to Registry’.
Share the link to your Baby Gift Registry with your friends and family! 
Zaeem is wearing the Bear Onesie in Grey and Blue Cow Harem pants and summer vest.
With excellent customer service and fast courier delivery, this brand is more than excellent for the busy modern mom.
Please keep in mind that this clothing brand is not a cure for exzema or sensitive skin. If your baby is experiencing severe eczema or any skin ailment, it is always best to seek medical advice.
xxx Z

Pink for Girls, Blue for Boys... April 10 2018, 0 Comments

We would like to introduce another guest blogger, Sophie Holmes from Mumming and Modelling.

Sophie lives in Johannesburg with her husband, 2 baby girls and 2 dogs - she spends her days juggling being a model (involving lots of international travel and breast-pumping), keeping healthy and fit and parenting which keeps her very busy. Here is some insight from Sophie on baby clothing and colours. 

Pink for Girls, Blue for Boys...

It's funny, isn't it, the way clothes work. For those of us old enough to dress ourselves, clothes become an extension of our personalities - they're often the very first impression people have of us. Even people who claim not to care, and who claim they only choose clothes for practicality, chose the blue shirt over the green for a reason. Maybe the blue brings out their eyes more...

But babies don't have that luxury. What babies wear automatically becomes a further extension of their parents' style. Some babies wear blimey, designer clobber from day one. Some babies have mounds of the same baby grow all in one colour. Some boy babies wear all blue, and some girl babies wear all pink.
But, and here's the big but, not ALL girl babies wear pink and boy babies blue. This strange notion of dressing each sex in a separate colour is fairly modern, happening only after the middle of the last century, but now it is widely accepted as the norm.
Kapas | Blog post
I adore pink and blue. Bizarrely (or not, I don't know how much nature vs nurture applies in this situation) my eldest daughter's favourite colours are the same as mine - blue, pink and yellow. But both of my girls have been dressed more, as babies, in blue and yellow than they ever have been in pink.
Kapas Blog Post
I don't have one specific reason for this. And I love the occasional splash of pink in a baby's wardrobe, like the beautiful Kapas vest I received, or my favourite pair of Esprit joggers that both my girls have worn. But I don't see the need to dress my girls all in pink just to somehow prove to people that they are girls. They have vaginas, I birthed them - unless they decide otherwise when they're older, they are female, and dressing them in pink isn't going to change that. As a woman, I don't see them having anything to prove. I'll dress them in cute outfits, regardless of whether they scream masculine or feminine.
Kapas Blog Post
What does confuse me, however, is the amount of people that take this as some sort of wrongdoing on my part. I've had so many shocked and amazed people (generally women - I think clothes generally 'matter' more to women) when I tell them that my baby, dressed in a onesie with blue, red, yellow, green and purple stripes is a girl. I even had one woman proceed to tell me, co-conspiratorially that she dressed her three daughters in 'more boyish clothes' because she was disappointed not to have a boy. I've written before about gender disappointment, and it is definitely not something I've ever struggled with! 
Kapas Blog Post
My dressing of my baby is an extension of my own style, yes. But I don't believe that makes me somehow wrong in how I dress them, or that it shows I never wanted girls (I did, by the way - I grew up with two sisters and all female pets. I had no issues, ever, about not having a boy yet, or if I never have a boy). I believe that this part of my personality that is subconsciously showing, shows that I don't think my girls HAVE to be 'girly' to show their femininity. They have their whole lives to do that in their own way - I'm not about to set that example, so young, that they have to be pink and frilly to qualify.

Kapas Blog Post

Kapas Baby #forlittlepeople

Easter activities for you and your kids. March 21 2018, 0 Comments

Easter blog post

Easter is a great time for kids and not just because there is an abundance of chocolate. The weather is beautiful, there are lots of public holidays and the world is filled with bunnies and colourful eggs. Here are a few ideas of activities you can do with your little ones to make some Easter memories and help to fill up a few of those school holiday hours. 

  • An Easter Egg hunt is the obvious one but what could be better than hunting for chocolate? Make it fun by drawing them a little map or leaving bunny foot prints in the garden by sprinkling baby powder on your hand and stamping your fist in the grass.
  • You can also help your children to make their own little bunny baskets to gather their eggs for the hunt or to use as decor on the table. Click here for a link to a free printable bunny basket, you can download and make with them with your kids.
  • Another classic is painting eggs which may be tricky for smaller children but there are some easier techniques that they could try. Click here to have a look at some creative ideas. 
  • Then of course there is the egg and spoon race which is a great way to burn off that extra energy. Make sure you boil the eggs first and it would probably be better to use thick, plastic spoons in case of any accidents.
  • Another creative activity is to make Easter hats and bonnets. Grab any old hats you have lying around the house and get a selection of flowers, pom poms, glitter – anything that the kids can stick all over them and parade around in their creations.
  • Show your kids that giving Easter treats can be as much fun as getting them, in theory anyway. Help them to make edible Easter nests and hand them out to friends and family. First make the little nests using Rice Krispies and melted marshmallows and then let the children fill them with mini speckled eggs (this bit will probably require some supervision!). Click here for the recipe.
  • And finally, another fun activity is to make pom pom chicks. While quite a lot of adult help is needed for this one, in the end your kid will have their own little baby chick that will last longer than just the holiday. In fact, if they get good at it they can turn their colourful pom poms into all sorts of creative creatures – including bunnies and sheep. Click here to learn how to make these.

So there you go. We hope this list helps to bring smiles to those little chocolate-covered faces or at the very least burn off some of that sugar! 

Kapas Baby #forlittlepeople

Adjusting to the Challenges of Single Parenthood March 07 2018, 0 Comments

We would like to introduce another guest blogger, Daniel Sherwin from Dad Solo.

Daniel is a single dad raising two children, a 9 year old daughter and 6 year old son, in Portland, Oregon, USA. Daniel writes from a dads’ perspective about his experiences as a single parent and hopes to be an inspiration to other single parents.

A New Reality: Adjusting to the Challenges of Single Parenthood

Kapas Baby | Blog post, fatherhood, single parenting.

Parents today face challenges that would have been unimaginable a generation ago. Drugs, the cost of education, debt, and gun violence are enough to dissuade anyone from having children. Imagine those same problems multiplied times two for single parents who have to adjust to life without a helpmate or someone with whom to share difficult decisions about child rearing. Single parents have to help their children adjust to a new life without having mom or dad around. It’s no picnic for parents either. The adjustment is made harder for them because divorce or separation can be emotionally devastating and financially crippling. It’s no wonder that single parents suffer from inordinately high levels of depression and the looming fear that they’ll fail their kids.

The day-to-day family problems remain much the same, but the cost of providing for children can quickly overwhelm a single parent who’s struggling to make ends meet. In many cases, a single mom or dad needs to take on a second job just to keep food on the table and the lights on. Helping kids with homework, getting them to and from sports and other activities, and providing emotional support is a lot to deal with even for parents who can get by on one income.    


Raising a child today costs an estimated quarter of a million dollars through age 18. Often, parents who think they have a good handle on the financial aspect of child rearing find themselves at an absolute loss in the wake of a divorce. Even if you’re a wizard at saving money and making do with less, there’s not much you can do when it’s just you, especially if the cost of your divorce has left you strapped. For people who just aren’t good at managing money, or whose ex-spouse handled the financial side of things, figuring out how to stretch a dollar can really ratchet up their stress level. And yet having to do it all yourself can force you to learn how to make it work (the Internet is an excellent source of information on how to be a better budgeter). 
The legal factor

The ideal divorce scenario is for both parties to reach an amicable settlement and to cooperate in a friendly manner in the best interest of their kids. Unfortunately, it often doesn’t happen that way. If, as is often the case, child custody court doesn’t bring things to a swift conclusion, the relationship between parents, and between parents and children, can become very difficult. If there are extenuating circumstances involved, such as drug or alcohol abuse or charges of domestic violence to consider, the case may drag on for months with no resolution. The most lasting scar is the residual anger and ongoing emotional retribution that can go on for years and cause permanent psychological damage to the children. Family counseling can help make things better, but only if both parties are willing to try.

Parenting complications

The new family dynamic that results from divorce or separation makes for a tough transitional period for everyone. If the kids are in the custody of a parent unaccustomed to being the disciplinarian, they may challenge mom or dad because this new role is inconsistent with the way things were before the divorce. As difficult as the situation might get, it’s important to maintain your authority. Consistency is the key; work to set a consistent, healthy routine for your child; keep your home as welcoming as possible and free from clutter; and, as much as possible, stay on top of things like homework and household chores. 

Meeting the challenge of single parenthood takes a lot of courage and patience. It’s a new role for you, one you’ll have to grow into, just as your kids have to adapt to their new circumstances. Fortunately, children are resilient and usually adjust quickly even to the most difficult situations. Remember try to remain calm and try to understand that things will be difficult for a while.

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash.

A story and recipe from a passionate vegan mommy. February 08 2018, 1 Comment

We would like to introduce our first guest blogger; Chandelene from Spaghetti & Coco

Chandelene is a vegan mom of two; a 7 months old boy and 2 ½ year old girl. In her free time she loves experimenting with new recipes and promoting the vegan lifestyle. Chandelene has very kindly shared a few words, along with a delicious vegan recipe and gorgeous photos of her adorable son, Chrido who is dressed in his Kapas Baby clothing.
Picnics in the Forest
Kapas Baby | Blog post, mommy blogger, vegan recipes, picnic in the forest
The thing about life is, that it goes by in a flash. One moment you are holding this precious new-born in your hands and the next; sleep-deprived, messy bun, puffy eyed and your newborn is teething, sitting, crawling, standing and somewhere in the blink of an eye this fresh new life becomes a tiny human.
They grow, they play, they explore. They make our hearts stand still a few more times than what we’d like to count. In the very same moment, they catch our eyes and make our hearts swell ten times bigger than what we ever thought possible - with pride, love and adoration. 
This life, this precious, teeny, little life, is made up of small moments that come together to form a little person. We get so caught up in the sleepless nights, worrisome days, doctors’ visits and growth charts that we forget to stop and appreciate this time, this second.

Mamas, Papas, stand still.

Put life on hold and take some time out with your kids. Join their crazy, beautiful, imaginative world where; a tree becomes a forest, a small patch of water, a lake and a leaf, the most beautiful sailing boat you have ever seen. Play in the sea. Build a puzzle. Have a picnic and soak up the precious moment that is now.

Pack a picnic basket, fill it with snacks; some for baba, some for mama and dada. Keep it healthy. Live long. Appreciate yourself. Appreciate them and let’s give a second to the little people.

Kapas Baby | Mommy blogger, vegan, recipes
Kapas Baby | Blog post, mommy blogger, vegan

We filled our basket with mini Falafel burgers, oasted bread fingers, Tahini-free humus, apple, pear and spinach puree and some peanut butter and oat cookies for mommy and daddy.

Mini Falafel Burgers with oven baked Falafel patties

Chickpeas are a great source of plant-based protein. They have so many health benefits and taste delicious, especially in Falafel. Falafel is a traditional Middle Eastern food that originated in Egypt. Honestly, I could easily live on Falafel alone and you could make so many different varieties of this dish that you will never tire of it – or maybe that is just me! 
To make it a bit healthier, I prefer to make an oven baked version of this usually deep-fried dish.
You will need the following:

  • 400g tinned chickpeas (drained, rinsed and dried)
  • 1/2 red onion (roughly chopped)
  • 1tbsp crushed garlic
  • large handful of parsley
  • 1 cup breadcrumbs
  • zest of half a lemon
  • 2 tsp ground cumin
  • large pinch of salt & pepper
  • 2 tsp olive oil
Put all the ingredients in a food processor. Then pulse a few times until they have broken down, but the mixture is still quite rough. Form small round balls (size depends on the size of your burger buns) and press flat (about 1cm high). Bake for 25 min on 200ºC.

To serve
  • Mini Burger Buns
  • Vegan Mayo
  • Red Cabbage
  • Balsamic extract
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Sliced Roasted Aubergine
  • Baby Spinach

Toast buns in a toaster or on a pan and spread with a generous layer of vegan mayo. Next, add a slice of roasted aubergine and your falafel patty. Finely chop the red cabbage and mix with balsamic extract, olive oil and salt. Lastly, add your red cabbage mixture and baby spinach leaves.
The great thing about this is, for the baby-led-weaning parents out there, your baby can enjoy the Falafel with you!

Kapas Baby | Mommy blogger, vegan food, recipes
Kapas Baby | Mommy blogger, vegan food, recipes

Thank you Chandelene for the inspiration and amazing recipe.

Kapas Baby #forlittlepeople

Heritage Day - Your Traditional Brand September 20 2017, 0 Comments

 Heritage Day

Wikipedia, our old friend, could not have summed this up better: “Heritage Day is a South African public holiday celebrated on 24 September. On this day, South Africans across the spectrum are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions, in the wider context of a nation that belongs to all its people."

With a “local is lekker” flavour to this blog, the Kapas Baby team, firstly, wants to wish you the happiest of Heritage Days this Sunday, but also to encourage you to take some time out this weekend to give your little people a taste of your heritage so we have come up with a few ideas for you:

  • Cook something delicious and specific to your culture. Let your kids; learn an old family recipe, chop, peel, lick the spoon and get stuck into heritage flavours that you grew up with.
  • Plant something indengious. There is something so wonderful about spending time in a garden with your little ones; appreciating nature, catching up in a technology-free zone, and it could be the start of a great family tradition (especially if you are planting a tree).
  • For the braaiing-kind of families – this is a no-brainer. Get the family around for Sunday lunch and get stuck into a good old fashioned braai.
  • Branch out and explore another culuture. Plan something out of your comfort zone and introduce your kids to a new type of culutural activity or a totally new meal.
  • Just for fun. Teach your little one a new greeting in honour of respecting someone else’s culture and mother tongue.
  • Read something tradtional. Sink your teeth into a bed-time story from the “good old days”, something with a real tradtional ending.

Whatever you decide to do this Heritage Day, make sure your little people feel that extra bit prouder to be South African! Give them a chance to learn something new and enjoy our unique country; cultural diversity, flavoursome foods, and opportunities to explore the best of our South African outdoors.

Kapas Baby #forlittlepeople



Spring in your step. September 01 2017, 0 Comments


Nothing beats a Spring clean; out with the old and in with the new. Spring also brings with it, a new mindset, a burst of energy and a sense of wanting to get organised and do something a little fresh and creative -  whether it be in your home, with your babies or in your working world.

In most parts of South Africa, it is warming up a little and the shorts and dresses are starting to make an appearance so at the forefront of ‘getting organised’, we have a great suggestion; get your babies’ clothing sorted. Just Plastics, Game and places alike, sell clear, roughly 56 litre, storage boxes which make the most ideal storage space for your little people’s ‘outgrown’ clothing. This size storage box is tried and tested and also fits beautifully into a cupboard, stacked one on top of each other.

Gather up the batches of clothes into their correct size groups, box and label accordingly; newborn, 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-12m and so on. This will also be a great opportunity to “cull the herd” of clothes that won’t serve a purpose for the next baby (if you are planning on another one). If you are feeling super energetic then do this with the toys too.

Spring also delivers some delicious seasonal fruit, so we thought it would be a great idea to make your own ice-lollies. Cut the fruit up into manageable bite size pieces and get your little ones to help drop them into water to freeze. Not only is it a fun activity but also a great way to get your child to eat fruit if they are a tad on the fussy side at this stage.

Whatever puts a spring in your step this season, take a look at our new collection. A collection that is inspired by the warmth of Spring and the soft, beautiful sunshine. A time to be outside, with your feet on the grass or your hands in the sand.

For little people who want to be comfortably stylish in locally made, 100% cotton baby clothing. A collection created for dazzling little girls and dapper little boys. Penguins. Whales. And little fish. That’s what it’s all about this spring!

Kapas Baby #forlittlepeople